50 Simple Screen-Free Activities to Save Your Sanity

Discover fun and engaging screen-free activities to keep your young children busy while reclaiming your sanity as a parent.


Are you a parent struggling to reduce screen time for your kid, yet desperately needing a moment of peace and quiet?

As a fellow parent with four energetic kids, I completely understand the overwhelm. While it's okay to use screens sometimes, being more intentional about screen time choices can make a world of difference.

Let's take a step toward healthy screen time habits with these 50 simple screen-free activities. You'll find that even small changes can lead to significant improvements in your daily routine (and your child’s behavior!).

Get your kids off screens with these simple activities and...

Elevate your parenting with 50 easy, screen-free activities
Cultivate happy, present kids while preserving your sanity
Rediscover intentionality for a joyful family life
Nurture a stronger, closer family bond through these activities

Ready to reclaim your sanity and create meaningful moments with your children?

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